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Are Modern Learning Environments Effective?

As a reasonably new teacher, I am in the staffroom to hear the wisdom of more senior members of staff when it comes to pedagogy. One topic that has come up is that of Modern Learning Environments, mainly bought about by an interview on New Zealand's national broadcaster .  The general consensus was that nothing is new in education and that such concepts were in vogue previously and it appears the Ministry of Education just spins a wheel every 25 years and this was just another fad that will pass. Nevertheless, schools, around the country, are knocking out walls and creating bright classrooms with multi purpose furniture. Our new science blocks will be designed with MLE in mind in order to be funded, so I felt I need to see the evidence for this Ministry approach or was the position of older members of staff justified? On the surface it looks fantastic, however my concern is that pedagogy also needs to change, students will be simply just learning the same way many