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It started with a tweet.

At the recent GAFE summit I attended in Auckland, the pencil metaphor for adoption of technology came up (from @eduwells ) The smug teacher in me laughed and felt superior with my implementation of technology in the classroom and that was it until the following tweet turned up in my news feed.  User Actions Following Philippa N Antipas ‏ @ AKeenReader @JoHallNZ @iCoder1978 @EduWells Ok I'm going to say: I don't like this model. Respectful practice? (I know you re-drew Richard not original) 8:03 PM - 26 Apr 2016 Philippa made me think, what may be wrong with this model? Is it inclusive and supportive my essentially shaming those teachers who have not embraced technology? Is this constructive? How can I help? Why do people hold these positions? So I sat down with teachers at my school who are deemed 'hangers on' or 'ferrules' or 'erasers' and had a conversation. Recently educators have been enthus