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Boys will be Boys

As part of investigating my own practice, I have been looking at the achievement data for my male learners when compared to those of my female learners. The difference is stark, my male learners underachieve, on average, by at least 10% when compared to their female classmates. So of course, I ask myself as to why? The common refrain from many of my fellow educators is "well, boys will be boys". So I began reading. In particular, the following books.  He’ll Be OK, Growing Gorgeous Boys Into Good Men, Celia Lashlie , 2006, Harper Collins Publishers.,  Reaching Boys Teaching Boys – Strategies that Work – and Why, Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley, 2010, John Wiley and Sons and I  can learn from you – Boys are Relational Learners, Michael Reichert and Richard Hawley, 2014, Harvard Educational Publishing Group.  The following blogpost is a distillation of what I have discovered during my inquiry into the differences I am seeing between the genders. Celia Lashlie,