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Is it the end for books and pencils?

As part of the #EdbookNZ challenge for connected educators month 2016 , I have been kindly asked by @vanschaijik to blog about a topic in education. This year the topic is b uzz words in teaching. I encourage comments that disrupt what I have written, which you can do in the comments section. So after much thought, I have chosen the buzzword of 'adaptive technologies' to see how it really stacks up against my most favourite of words - evidence . Our world is experiencing an evolution in adaptive technologies. Adaptive technologies are systems that adapt to us as individuals. Such systems are ubiquitous like using the smartphone app Didi Chuxing to hail a cab here in China. So with the spread of adaptive technologies, it is not surprising that they are increasingly found in education. At present, the standard classroom is still like the one below, the teacher standing at the front transmitting the same content to all students at the same time.