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Keep COOL till after school

I have watched with great interests the proposed changes to the New Zealand Education Act , in particular, the development of COOL (Communities of Online Learning).  Being a child of the 80s, I was an avid watcher of After School with the catchphrase of "keep cool till after school". It appears now that one keep cool and now not even go to school. How things are changing. The general proposal appears to be that any registered and approved school, tertiary education provider or a body corporate that has been approved by the accreditation regime, will be able to be a COOL. The argument being that these changes will increase the education options for learners. This will allow learners able to choose from a greater number of education providers and have increased access to more subjects and teaching expertise. The most controversial feature of the change appears to be that students enrolled in COOLs may not be required to physically attend school. I will be honest