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Teaching in the time of COVID

Last Tuesday, I got the news that my school was going to shut down until at least the 31st March due to the COVID-19 pandemic that is now spreading throughout the globe. This caused many murmurs in the staff as the full realization that teaching was going to move completely online in 24 hours.  So what tips and hints have I garnered in the week of teaching completely online? Here are a few of my thoughts. My first piece of advice is that y ou are no good to your students if you do not take care of yourself first. This is a stressful time. Teachers all over the world are staying with friends or family. Many are responsible for their own children on top of preparing online lessons. You need to care for yourself and know your limits, try to minimize screen time and take time for yourself. Reach out to your line managers when you are overwhelmed and work together to share the load. If you are in a leadership role, make sure you ask your teachers about their situation and ask yourse