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Teaching in two timezones

One of the problems of moving to China was leaving my senior physics and chemistry classes half way through their academic year. This, of course, caused me many a sleepless night on how I could supplement what their new teachers were doing in the classroom and help them pass their NCEA exams in November back in New Zealand when I was teaching in China with the 5 hour time difference. However, as I had already been flipping my junior classes from the previous year, I stumbled on a solution. I already had the power point presentations for the year set up and they had internet access back home in NZ, so I decided to create office mixes of the lessons and post to Youtube which allowed them easiest access. Essentially, office mix is an add on the Microsoft power point, where you can record yourself going through the slides and also record yourself actually demonstrating a few of the concepts, for example, electromagnetic induction with a magnet and a copper coil, so the students get