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Experiences from Singapore: The E2 Education Exchange 2018

Reflecting on E2, I sense that the event will be one of the most special and inspirational times of my life. It all began in December when I received an email from Anne Taylor inviting me to participate in this years' E2 event in Singapore as part of the team representing New Zealand. So what is this thing called E2? I hear you say. Well, E2 is a global educational exchange where innovative educators from around the world gather together to collaborate and share their experiences on how to integrate technology to support learning and transform education on a global scale by acting locally. As many of you who follow my blog are aware, I am based in China (a Chinese kiwi or Chiwi), so travelling involved coming from Nanjing via Guangzhou. At midnight, I landed at Changi Airport in Singapore and made my way excitedly to the conference hotel venue fall of anticipation for the week ahead. After a nights sleep, my first port of call was to meet up with the New Zealand team (see