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So lets just stay online

In a recent article , online learning provider Crimson Global Academy's founder Jamie Beaton has argued that: "An online training academy could be established to upskill our education leaders, and perhaps the worst-performing remote physical schools, with substandard facilities or poor access to teachers, could be digitally replaced in part or whole" So from the data gleaned from the global pandemic which has lasted almost a year and that has meant online learning for some students over this period, just how effective would it be to digitally replace schools for those most struggling? If one is to make such claims then surely, they must be supported by the burden of proof?  In a perfect world, this logical obligation ensures that   anyone making a claim must bear the responsibility of proving that claim.    This is the difference between  established knowledge  over  alleged knowledge  and helps differentiate between expedient ideas that can be damaging. In education, thi