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Teaching and the Game of Death

So it is the winter months here in China, so as always due to the cold weather, I bury myself in the world of books and film. As part of this mid-winter cinematic binges included the classic martial art film Bruce Lee's Game of Death. In the film, the protagonist , Hai, a retired champion martial artist is confronted by an underworld gang. They tell him the story of a  pagoda   where guns are prohibited, and under heavy guard by highly skilled martial artists who are protecting something held on its top level. The gang boss wants Hai to be a part of a group whose purpose is to retrieve said item. Hai, as well as four other martial artists , then fight their way up a five-level  pagoda , encountering a different challenge on each floor. So I hear you saying, what does this have to do with do with teaching? Well, it turns out the school history teacher, Mr Graham is a Bruce Lee fan and when I mentioned that I had seen the film, he mentioned that has been thinking how