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Can you Passively Learn?

While scrolling through my social media feed, I came across the following diagram that a fellow educator I follow had posted. Such data is often used by educators and it is still all too common to see images such as the one above even though they are not actually true and have no basis. We all easily copy and paste such simple infographics. This ease of transmission has made it easy for false ideas to become truth. It is important, that we as educators critically evaluate what we post in order to effectively role model to our learners. The graphic above has many flaws, two of which I will highlight. The image claims that people only remember 10% of what we read but can remember 90% of what we do. The idea is not new and is often cited as evidence for moving away from more didactic teacher-led 'traditional' teaching and towards more student-centred 'progressive' teaching. Such claims challenge  educators to think about the impact of how they teach has on their