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Becoming critically reflective in teaching - a personal journey

M oving countries and moving schools have meant a change in the environment in which I teach in. This has been difficult and has allowed me to reflect on why I teach the way I do.  But should I be reflective? Should I as an educator challenge or question what, why or how I am teaching? Should I just focus on teaching the curriculum set out in the textbook or is teaching more than this? One of the hardest things I have learnt as a teacher is that even though I have the sincerest of intentions, this does not always translate to what happens in the classroom. Teaching is complex and when the power dynamics of student and staff relationships are then put into the mix, teaching becomes less than straight forward. It is my opinion that by not considering the complex nature of the profession, creates the idea that I can always understand exactly what it is that I'm doing and what effect I'm having. However, this assumes that the meanings and significance I place on my teac