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Learning Lost?

I promised Priscila Heredia  a post reflecting on the idea of learning loss in the last year due to the COVID pandemic, as she has noticed as an educator herself, that her son has regressed in certain aspects of his education. So as I am in managed isolation back in New Zealand, I thought I would take the time to deep dive into the issue.  According to a recent OECD report on the economic impact of learning loss, the idea that students have undergone learning loss is a fait accompli.  "There is no doubt that the school closures in the first half of 2020 have resulted in significant learning losses to the affected cohort of students – and some of the re-opening strategies being implemented will only further exacerbate these already incurred learning losses" While remote learning surely affects students, we don't know yet exactly how or how much. Does learning loss provide a meaningful answer ? If we have a loss, what learning has exactly been  lost ? Do students forget fa