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Who is doing the learning?

So here in my first term of teaching IB HL Physics, I am exhausted and student marks are not as I have expected from what is a reasonably able group from previous examination grades. Now it is the midterm break, I am reflecting as to why this is the case As this is the first year teaching the course, I have spent  hours  marking past papers and giving detailed individualized feedback on all their work. Additionally, I am over-planning lessons to ensure that my online resources, powerpoints, activities, practicals include  every detail  of the course in order that I do not miss anything out if it comes up in examinations. To this end, I am scheduling weekly lunchtime revision classes with the students who are not meeting my expectations based on their previous assessments. The last task I set for the class before the break was to submit an experimental write up on the compulsory experiment that was done in class around the topic we are presently studying. Less than half the clas