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Is digital literacy a social justice issue?

Ni Hao and greetings from my new home for the next 12 months, China! I have negated the Chinese internet firewall at least for the time being so am able to follow the #edchatnz16 conference via twitter from Rotatuna Junior High School in Hamilton. One of the sessions I managed to see through the wonders of constant tweets from Annemarie Hyde was by Rosemary Hipkins on the future of education. One of the key aspects of major global trends in education outlined by Rosemary was that digitisation and this was linked to innovation. I have only been in China for less than a week and I have been amazed by the embracing of technology by the ordinary (though admittedly middle class) Chinese citizen. From a hip young teenager skateboarding along the streets to an 80-year-old pensioner taking the metro and helping me with my new Chinese smartphone apps. It was not so much the reality that everyone had smartphones, but how digital technologies were being used in innovative crea