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Digital learning, putting the cart before the horse

So it has been three months in lockdown and teaching online both synchronously and asynchronously to my learners. So what have I learned? Well one thing is that I started to hate online digital learning.  Now, don't get me wrong, digital technology is one of the most significant and consequential disruptions to education that started in the 1980s. It further transformed the educational landscape with the advent of the internet, where it became easier and more available and ubiquitous. The web transformed digital learning. But as my inbox fills with special offers from Edtech companies with promises to transform my teaching. Digital learning is in danger of becoming a sacred cow, so obvious its promises, that critically examining it seems to be the modern-day equivalent of being a Luddite .  Everyone knows that the use of digital technology in learning improves student outcomes right? As a tool digital learning has the.power and potential to improve learning efficiency and effective